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4 Simple Techniques For Finding And Using Your Voice

In a world full of technology and social media, finding and using our voices can feel overwhelming. We all know that social media allows us to share our thoughts, ideas and opinions, however, do we use this same freedom in person? Sometimes speaking our truth face to face can feel intimidating. How do we allow ourselves to find our voice without feeling the need to type it up and rewrite it until it sounds perfect?

It took me years to find my voice and speak my truth to the people around me. I'm sure we all know that feeling of living in a family that has very opinionated or sarcastic responses.

One day, I realized that what makes me unique is speaking my truth. I was tired of trying to please others and not sharing my thoughts or point of view on a matter. I was tired of just letting toxic people tell me how I should or shouldn't think.

If this sounds familiar, you've come to the write place. Learning to find and use your voice is the most empowering experience you will have in life. It not only allows you to share your truth, but you also learn so much more about yourself.

Here are 4 simple techniques to finding and using your voice:

Create stillness in a world of chaos

Take time to meditate every day. Train your mind to focus only on your breath. Pay attention to what kind of thoughts pop into your head - are they positive, negative, or anxiety driven? Acknowledge your thoughts and bring your attention back to the present moment.

During your meditation, visualize a sacred or quiet place in your mind. A place that brings stillness, calmness, and happiness. For me, this is a vibrant garden filled with beautiful flowers and a small seating area for me to 'sit'. There are white and yellow butterflies fluttering around, bees buzzing in the air, hummingbirds going from flower to flower, and birds chirping. This is my happy place; a place where nothing can be touched and nothing can go wrong. A place just for me.

What's your happy place?

Wherever your place is, you can learn a lot about yourself and where you find most enjoyment.

Have daily check-in's with yourself

It's important to check in with yourself a few times a day. This can help bring you back to the present moment if you find yourself getting worked up about a situation that's out of your control, something that happened in the past, or worrying about the future.

I have a pop up on my phone every two hours from 6:00am-8:00pm every day. This reminds me to check in with myself and how I'm feeling. It's a great reminder that a majority of the anxious, sad, or angry emotions I experience is just a feeling and will pass. I acknowledge those emotions and then move on with my day as best I can.

Whether you write a sticky note on your mirror, have reminders on your phone, or carry a journal with you - find an effective way that can help you stay grounded and bring you back to your true self.

Visualize what you want in life

A great exercise for finding your voice and speaking your truth is to visualize what kind of life you want.

Do you enjoy a fast paced lifestyle, constantly on the go? Or maybe you prefer living in a quiet environment in the countryside.

Do you have goals of becoming the next famous singer or actress? Or maybe running your own business one day?

Whatever life you envision, this is all yours. Make sure to actively visualize the life you want everyday. Create a vision board, meditate on it, draw images.

Try your best to listen to the universe and understand what it needs from you in order to bring your vision to fruition.

Practice using your voice

Once you find and understand your goals in life, you can start practicing and using your voice. Speak your vision and share it with the world.

Start a blog, write a book, share your thoughts on social media, find the courage to speak up to your family members or friends who always think they know what's best.

Take action towards your vision and what you believe in. Volunteer, sign a petition, donate to different charities each moth, go out and protest - find ways to use your voice like you never have before.

Journal about what you believe in and why you believe in it. Feel free to use some of the journal prompts I have listed in my recent blog post: 20 Powerful Journal Prompts For Self Discovery.

There are plenty of ways to discover more about yourself and what you believe in. Using these techniques is what can help you discover what makes you stand out from the crowd. It's important to be confident in yourself, your thoughts and feelings. This is what makes us all unique in our own way.

"Communicate. Even when it's uncomfortable or uneasy. One of the best ways to heal is simply getting everything out." - Anonymous.


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