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8 Surprising qualities that make you a true hippie

A hippie, by definition, is a member of the counterculture that started back in the 1960s. Hippies are known for rejecting the mores of society by dressing and living 'unconventionally'. In the modern day, hippies are still just as relevant and important to society, as they continue to push for peace, love, and happiness for all beings.

My blog was inspired by this amazing way of life. Being a hippie runs in my veins. I have never chosen the easy path that society expects. From a young age, I realized I didn't like the way society conditioned us to live a certain way and frowned upon those who chose a different route.

My aunt and cousin are two amazing women that I have to thank for inspiring and encouraging me to live life to the fullest and not be afraid of who I am. In grade school I always had a different, more bold, fashion style than other girls. It allowed me to express my individuality and creativity.

Now, in my early 20's, I have found my way on my healing journey and continue to live out this way of life every day. I struggled for a long time with finding myself and being okay with who I am. Even a majority of my family members view it as a foreign affair to live life as a hippie. However, as I continue to grow into my own person, I'm realizing it's because they are afraid of change. They are uncomfortable with the thought of someone in their own family challenging this status quo.

That's okay, though! Because I know I will still be true to myself, and hope to inspire one of my younger cousins if they are struggling to be true to themselves.

This may sound cheesy, but another one of my biggest fashion inspirations is Phoebe Buffay from 'Friends'. I absolutely adore her 90's hippie/bohemian outfits and her amazing personality. She wore some of the cutest maxi dresses and skirts that had floral patterns and bold designs. Her blouses and jackets were always on point, with their vibrant colors and textures.

Phoebe Buffay was also known for her creative hairstyles. On all occasions, she had something cute about her hair that completed the outfit; whether it was braided, a messy bun with bead clips, or a fun ponytail. Her jewelry was another eye-catching factor in her wardrobe. She had a never-ending assortment of handmade jewelry, bold pendants, and stacked rings.

I loved the way she lived her life so unapologetically. She didn't care what anyone else thought about her and stayed true to herself. She voiced her morals in hopes that others would also follow this way of life to help make the world a better place. Phoebe Buffay will always be a major hippie icon for me!

Yeah, I’m very wise. I know.” *Phoebe sharing her wisdom and looking down at her watch*

Image by Friends | Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions Warner Bros. Television | NBC

On Tumblr, I created a fun group chat called "Hippie Life" that focuses on fun topics related to spirituality, mindfulness, being eco-friendly, and making the world a better lace. There are over 100 members in the group chat and I've met some awesome hippies who I've become e-friends with. If you're on Tumblr, let's connect! (You can only access the group chat on the mobile app. Make sure to search for it and request to join!)

I'm very excited to share this list of 8 surprising qualities that make you a true hippie. Please note, you don't need to have all 8 qualities to be considered a hippie. Society has conditioned us to believe that we need to fit perfectly into a box if we want to be labeled or identify with a certain group. But, that's not the case. You can be who ever you want to be. Maybe you love the hippie lifestyle, but also enjoy witchcraft. You can be a hippie witch! Or, maybe you love certain qualities, like gardening or drawing, but you prefer to follow your personal religion - that's okay too! Don't put pressure on yourself to have every single quality listed below. These are some common qualities I've discovered when talking to other hippies and that I also have learned to love as well.

8 Surprising Qualities That Make You A True Hippie:

Making a goal to spread peace, love, and happiness

If there is one quality that is essential for being a true hippie, it's this one. All hippies have a goal of wanting to heal the world and make it a better place. As a hippie, you strive to spread peace, love, and happiness. Whether it's through social media, the way you interact with people, voicing your political views, through art, at your job, or donating to charities. It's important to find ways that can help heal the world.

I use my blog as a way to spread peace, love, and happiness. This is my personal space where I can do my part at making a difference and hope to inspire others when they visit my blog. I want people to feel happy when they read my blog posts or when they receive their tarot card readings. Helping others truly brings me so much joy and happiness.

8 qualities to be a true hippie

Shopping vintage and supporting small businesses

An important lifestyle change I've made over the past few years is shopping vintage and ditching fast fashion. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, right behind the oil industry. Did you know it takes about 700 gallons of water to produce a single t-shirt?

Society has conditioned us to believe we need to follow all these major fashion trends and fads if we want to be happy with who we are. I used to love being on top of fashion trends and purchasing all my clothes from some of the biggest retailers in the United States. However, after going to FIDM and learning more about the fashion industry and how it impacts the world, I realized I care way more about the environment than what someone will think of me if I don't have the next big fashion piece.

That's why I absolutely love Etsy. There are thousands of vintage and handmade clothing stores on their platform. I could literally browse for hours! About 60% of my wardrobe is now vintage and the other 40% is fast fashion items I still get decent wear from. I'm hoping to eventually have my wardrobe be 100% vintage one day.

Take some time to reflect where you shop for clothes, how often you shop for clothes, and how this may impact the environment.

8 qualities to be a true hippie; shopping vintage clothing

Being eco-friendly

Of course, another major quality about being a hippie is being eco-friendly. Shopping vintage definitely plays a role in this too! It's important to do your best to help the environment in any way possible. Even if it's just as small as not using plastic bags at the grocery store! Here's a list of 15 ways you can go green today:

  1. Purchasing reusable water bottles

  2. Limiting your shower time so you don't waste water

  3. Buying vintage clothing rather than fast fashion pieces

  4. Recycling and/or up-cycling products

  5. Using cold water when doing laundry

  6. Donating old clothes or giving them as hand-me-downs to your siblings or younger relatives

  7. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning supplies

  8. Carpool, ride your bike, or walk to your destination

  9. Pay your bills online

  10. Make your own face cleanser, shampoo and conditioner

  11. Switch to cloth diapers if you have a baby

  12. Use cloth napkins and towels for your kitchen

  13. Repurpose glass jars

  14. Make gifts for your friends and family

  15. Reduce your online shopping to decrease air pollution during shipping

As a hippie, being eco-friendly is a must. Use this list as inspiration to get you started on your earth friendly habits and way of life!

8 qualities to be a true hippie; being eco-friendly

Having an interest in tarot cards

A fun quality (but not mandatory) is having an interest in tarot cards. As a hippie, you believe that there is more to the universe than just the physical elements we see. You have a gut feeling that when you stop and listen, you know the universe has something to say.

Tarot cards are a great way of taking a moment to listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. Whether you have a deck of tarot cards yourself, or you use an online tarot reader, you can always turn to the cards for answers and direction.

I absolutely love using tarot cards to communicate with the universe and understand what direction I should take in a certain situation. I have also helped many clients overcome difficult situations through online tarot readings.

8 qualities to be a true hippie; tarot cards

Dedicating time to your healing and spiritual journey

As a hippie, dedicating time to your healing and spiritual journey is important. Everyone struggles with things from their past and/or current obstacles in the present moment. No one is perfect, as that is what makes us all human. However, we can work to heal old wounds or childhood traumas to help become the best version of ourselves every day.

Whether it's through therapy, online coaching, tarot cards, healing crystals, essential oils, or chakra healing; hippies make an effort to prioritize self-care to help find inner peace and balance.

This then leads me into the next category for yoga and meditation...

8 qualities to be a true hippie; healing crystals

Enjoys Yoga and meditation

A fun and relaxing activity that hippies like to do is yoga and meditation. These two activities help you connect your mind, body, and spirit. When we are grounded and in the present moment, we are connected on many different levels.

Yoga is a great activity that not only provides a form of exercise, but also helps you practice controlling your mind as you work through the different poses. Meditation is another effective technique to help calm your thoughts and connect with your higher self.

Be sure to check out my recent blog posts: Simple Morning Yoga Routine For A Better Day and What Is Mindfulness?

Loves Nature

Hippies are all about the outdoors. Whether it's camping, hiking, or just sitting in nature, this is our home away from home. Nature is a great way to connect with the universe and disconnect from your busy thoughts and routine. Nature helps slow you down and become more present.

Studies have shown that being in nature gives us more energy, makes us happier, boosts our creativity, decreases stress, and helps us be kind to others. Even if you just make it a goal to spend 10 minutes outside everyday, this can improve your overall vibe.

How often do you spend your time in nature?

Loves making art and being crafty

Art is another form of expression. Hippies love making art and being crafty. It doesn't matter how skilled you are, as long as you're having fun creating something special to you!

Whether it's sketching, painting, sculpting, building, sewing, or gluing; hippies love getting creative. Find your special art niche and embrace it. Don't put any pressure on yourself to be the best artist out there. Hippies create art for themselves and don't care if others don't like it. Embrace your unique talent!

I hope this blog post brings you inspiration! Hippies are very eco-friendly, creative, outdoorsy, and calm souls. You can tell when you've met a hippie, as you instantly feel relaxed and accepted for who you are. We should all strive to live the hippie life to help make the world a better place and to love each other more.


"You have a hippie soul. You are as free as the wind, and you don't like following rules. You're openminded and nonjudgmental. You just enjoy the journey of life. You're neither a leader nor a follower. You're on your own blissful path. You believe that people should love more and hate less. It's really that simple." - anonymous


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