8 Surprising qualities that make you a true hippie

A hippie, by definition, is a member of the counterculture that started back in the 1960s. Hippies are known for rejecting the mores of society by dressing and living 'unconventionally'. In the modern day, hippies are still just as relevant and important to society, as they continue to push for peace, love, and happiness for all beings.

My blog was inspired by this amazing way of life. Being a hippie runs in my veins. I have never chosen the easy path that society expects. From a young age, I realized I didn't like the way society conditioned us to live a certain way and frowned upon those who chose a different route.

My aunt and cousin are two amazing women that I have to thank for inspiring and encouraging me to live life to the fullest and not be afraid of who I am. In grade school I always had a different, more bold, fashion style than other girls. It allowed me to express my individuality and creativity.

Now, in my early 20's, I have found my way on my healing journey and continue to live out this way of life every day. I struggled for a long time with finding myself and being okay with who I am. Even a majority of my family members view it as a foreign affair to live life as a hippie. However, as I continue to grow into my own person, I'm realizing it's because they are afraid of change. They are uncomfortable with the thought of someone in their own family challenging this status quo.

That's okay, though! Because I know I will still be true to myself, and hope to inspire one of my younger cousins if they are struggling to be true to themselves.

This may sound cheesy, but another one of my biggest fashion inspirations is Phoebe Buffay from 'Friends'. I absolutely adore her 90's hippie/bohemian outfits and her amazing personality. She wore some of the cutest maxi dresses and skirts that had floral patterns and bold designs. Her blouses and jackets were always on point, with their vibrant colors and textures.

Phoebe Buffay was also known for her creative hairstyles. On all occasions, she had something cute about her hair that completed the outfit; whether it was braided, a messy bun with bead clips, or a fun ponytail. Her jewelry was another eye-catching factor in her wardrobe. She had a never-ending assortment of handmade jewelry, bold pendants, and stacked rings.

I loved the way she lived her life so unapologetically. She didn't care what anyone else thought about her and stayed true to herself. She voiced her morals in hopes that others would also follow this way of life to help make the world a better place. Phoebe Buffay will always be a major hippie icon for me!

Yeah, I’m very wise. I know.” *Phoebe sharing her wisdom and looking down at her watch*

Image by Friends | Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions Warner Bros. Television | NBC

On Tumblr, I created a fun group chat called "Hippie Life" that focuses on fun topics related to spirituality, mindfulness, being eco-friendly, and making the world a better lace. There are over 100 members in the group chat and I've met some awesome hippies who I've become e-friends with. If you're on Tumblr, let's connect! (You can only access the group chat on the mobile app. Make sure to search for it and request to join!)

I'm very excited to share this list of 8 surprising qualities that make you a true hippie. Please note, you don't need to have all 8 qualities to be considered a hippie. Society has conditioned us to believe that we need to fit perfectly into a box if we want to be labeled or identify with a certain group. But, that's not the case. You can be who ever you want to be. Maybe you love the hippie lifestyle, but also enjoy witchcraft. You can be a hippie witch! Or, maybe you love certain qualities, like gardening or drawi