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A Beginner's Guide To The 7 Chakras

Chakras are energy points within our body. We have seven main chakra points that can affect (and is affecting) our body. When one chakra, or multiple chakras, is not functioning properly, it can make your body more prone to illness. If we strive to take care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, we can promote with ease the flow of energy through our chakras.

"The translation of chakras from Sanskrit is wheel and this aptly describes the swirling vortexes

of energy that are placed along the alignment of the spine starting at the base right up to the

crown of the head." (Karen E. Wells, Healing Your Chakras)

The vortexes of energy spin about 3 to 4 inches outside the body. A new-born baby will have the purist and brightest chakras, but as the baby starts to develop and experience life, the colors of the chakras will lessen due to any negative or traumatic experiences. This will leave behind toxic residue, making the chakras weaker and causing potential health issues, such as depression, anxiety, anger, drug/alcohol abuse, just to name a few. With consistent healing work, the chakras can once again spin freely from all negative and toxic energy. Be on the look out for my follow up post - 6 Powerful Steps For Healing Your Chakras And Transforming Your Life.

The energy vortexes represent matter and consciousness and from a bridge between our spiritual and physical body. Chakras must be in perfect alignment to allow for efficient energy flow. Where there are blockages, energy will be caught or become stagnant and cause someone to feel out of sorts or unwell.

A great visual example is a river. If there are too many rocks, sticks, or trash that is blocking the water from smoothly flowing down the river, the water will build up. This could cause a flood or mess up the natural flow of nature moving down the river. When the rocks, sticks or trash are removed from the river, the water can then freely move at its normal pace with no issue, and allows for nature to resume its natural course.

Chakras of Matter

The first three chakras - Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus - are known as the chakras of matter and have a stronger physicality by nature.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra provides stability and security. This is the foundation of all beings and is connected to the basic needs of life. When this chakra is open and vibrating, it means a person feels safe and secure. The color of this chakra is red and provides nourishment from the energy of the Earth. The Root Chakra includes the first three of the vertebrae, the colon and the bladder. When this chakra is blocked, it usually indicates you are feeling unstable and are not grounded.

Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is connected to sexuality and creativity. It is responsible for all creative expression and is located in between the pubic bone and navel area. The color of this chakra is orange. It's connected to emotions, sexuality, and creativity. The element of this chakra is water. When the Sacral Chakra is open and vibrating, it means you are able to freely express your sexuality and creativeness with the world. When this chakra is blocked, it usually means you may have low sexual desire or are going through a creative block.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus is connected to your personal power and self-image. This chakra covers from the navel area to your breast bone. When the Solar Plexus is aligned, it means you are confident, feel in control, have drive, and a positive self-image. The color of this chakra is yellow and its element is fire. When this chakra is blocked, it indicates that you may have low self-esteem, feeling powerless, and feel inferior.

The Bridge Between Physical & Spiritual

The chakra that is seen as a bridge between your physical and spiritual self is the Heart Chakra.

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra can be found at the hearts center and is the ultimate source of love, peace and compassion. It serves as the connecting bridge between your mind, body, and spirit. When the Heart Chakra is aligned, it means you are feeling at peace with yourself, feeling loved, able to show compassion, and warm and open. The color of this chakra is green. When the Heart Chakra is feeling blocked, it usually indicates lack of empathy, bitterness, hateful, trust issues, and intolerance.

Chakras of Spirit

The last three chakras - Throat, Third Eye, and Crown - are connected to our spiritual self.

Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra can be found in the throat and is connected to communication and truth. This chakra governs the jaw, mouth, tongue and various thyroid glands. Its color is blue. When this chakra is aligned, it means you are able to speak your truth and have clear communication. Usually, if you are having trouble expressing yourself, feeling misunderstood, or or not listening well, this indicates the chakra is blocked by negative energy.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is located in between your eyebrows. This chakra is connected to intuition and awareness. When this chakra is aligned, it means you are intuitive, imaginative, see beyond the physical world, and have clear thoughts and visions. The color of this chakra is Indigo. When the Third Eye Chakra is blocked, it usually indicates you have poor judgement, lack focus, poor imagination, and can't see beyond the physical world.

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and is related to spiritual connection and the quest for enlightenment. When this chakra is aligned, it means you have strong faith, universal love, are intelligent, aware, wise, and understanding. The color of this chakra is a purplish-white. When the Crown Chakra is blocked, it means you may be struggling with depression, have learning difficulties, weak faith, feel angry, or have brain fog.

Once you begin to work on your chakras, you can understand which ones may be feeling blocked or stand out the most to you. Everyday stresses will impact you spiritually and physically, and affect the energy flow throughout your chakras. By bringing awareness and focus on your chakras, you can learn to heal before any detrimental impact take over.

"Energy flows through us, and it's really important for us to keep the energy points healthy and flowing very openly. If any of the chakras is experiencing blockages, you are going to be experiencing an emotional or physical symptom." - Joy Energy Podcast | Episode 58


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