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Aries Season: Here's To New Beginnings

After a long, hard, incredibly intense winter, spring is (finally!) here. The start of spring also marks the start of Aries season and the astrological new year. During this Aries season, you'll be focused on getting out there and grabbing life by the horns.

This winter was all about brainstorming, planning and strategizing, and now it's time to take action! If Aries season can teach us anything, it's that there's always an opportunity for a fresh start, new beginnings and new projects to take place. That new business idea you've been cooking up? This is your sign to go for it and launch your idea into the world! Have you been thinking of switching jobs? Now's the time to start looking and applying to something more exciting! You deserve a fresh start and this is your time to embrace it.

"Aries energy tends to run hot, impulsive, and direct. It’s a fire sign, and it’s also ruled by Mars, the planet of drive and desire. The fact that Mars shares a name with the god of war can give the impression that Aries is somehow a “warlike” or particularly aggressive sign, but that’s not necessarily true. What is true is that Aries carries a powerful drive and determination. It’s not reason or intellect that propels Aries through the world but pure force of will. This confidence can sometimes seem like aggression, but it’s often simply straightforwardness, an unwillingness to scheme or tiptoe or lie." (Claire Comstock-Gay, Your Guide To Aries Season)

5 Tips To Help You Succeed In Aries Season:

Embrace New Beginnings

If you're scared of change, this is the season to step outside your comfort zone and commit to something new and different. Embrace the change to begin again.

Clarify Your Goals

Mars, the planet of action and passion, rules Aries. This season, you may feel more motivated and excited to pursue your goals. Start clarifying your goals now, so you know exactly where to direct Aries-charged energy. Make a list of projects you want to start, relationships you want to improve, personal goals you want to reach, or tangible steps you can take to achieve long-term dreams. When you have a list, you can narrow it down to a few goals and start there. You will have so much more energy and your goals will flourish with the season.

Be Mindful of Anger

Aries are known for their quick tempers, and we'll all be a little feistier and vocal during Aries season. When anger is used healthily and productively, it can be a helpful tool. It can motivate you to stand up for yourself or surpass others' expectations of you. However, when you let anger get the best of you by lashing out or bottling it up, it can be very unhealthy and harmful. Check in with yourself now, and honestly reflect on your coping mechanisms.

Move Your Body

Fire signs need to be active. They need to release their energy and passion in healthy ways, which is why exercise is a must for Aries. We should all find ways to express the increased energy we feel during Aries season actively. If you're not usually physically active, start looking for ways to move more. It can be as easy as practicing yoga in the morning or going on more walks. People who are already active can use this time to tap into this energy and push themselves during their workouts. You will feel a shift in energy during the spring equinox, so make sure you have outlets now, so you're not full of energy with no outlet.

Practice Confidence

An Aries trait that we can all emulate is their confidence. Aries believe in themselves and bravely pursue their goals because they know they're capable of achieving anything. This is not something we all possess, but it is something that we can practice. If you want to start building your self-esteem and make the most of Aries season, try confidence-building habits like repeating positive affirmations and actively stopping negative thoughts about yourself. Whatever you do to feel more confident, know that there is an energy shift to support this new attitude, and anything will be possible.


Aries Season Mantra:

"I am a powerful warrior who can bravely make my dreams come true."


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