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Book of the Month: A Woman's Self Love by Victoria Burshtein

"Self-love is vital for your general happiness, and equally as important is your self-awareness which can help you take stock of your beliefs, assumptions, and values. By practicing self-awareness daily, you will notice that you can live a more purposeful, guided, and insightful life. When you're more cognizant of your thoughts and feelings, you begin to shape your life and live according to your values. A joy for life will invariably come once you've developed your self-love and self-awareness as you will be more open to the possibilities and beauties of life." (Burshtein, 2022, p. 8)

I always love reading new books about self-love, mindfulness, spirituality, and self-care. I actually purchased this book back in December 2022, read it in about three days, and loved it so much that I purchased a copy for a friend to give to her as a Christmas gift! However, I recently picked up this book again for some inspiration, and reminders of how important self-love is, especially during really difficult times in your life.

A Woman's Self Love elegantly breaks down the key principles that can significantly improve your self-love, your self-worth, your overall happiness, and can help you foster resilience, motivation and much more.

Studies have proven that practicing self-love dramatically affects longevity and your quality of life. You can start living a joyful, fulfilled life, even if you are currently dealing with the darkest thoughts.

Below is a simple outline of what you can expect to learn in each chapter:

Chapter 1:

  • You will learn about self-criticism and the differences between destructive and constructive criticism.

Chapter 2:

  • You will study the key to self-love: self-compassion.

Chapter 3:

  • You will explore the different masks of self-compassion that often confuse people.

Chapter 4:

  • You will start to learn about the LOVE system and the first of the five steps in developing your self-love: embracing your self-critic.

Chapter 5:

  • You will enter the second of the five steps and the "L" in the LOVE system: Luring the voice in your head with compassion.

Chapter 6:

  • You will move on to the third step and the "O" in the LOVE system: Obsessing over loving and accepting yourself.

Chapter 7:

  • You will land on the fourth step and the "V" in the LOVE system: Viewing others through the eyes of love and compassion.

Chapter 8:

  • You will study the fifth and final step and the "E" in the LOVE system: Embracing the world.

Favorite Quotes from A Woman's Self Love:

"Self-compassion occurs when you acknowledge your own suffering, flaws, and failures, and choose to respond with understanding, kindness, and care rather than judgement, negativity, or evaluation." (Burshtein, 2022, p.37)
"Mindfulness meditation focuses your attention and awareness so that you can more easily control your mental processes and thus improve your mental health... You will also gain cognitive and emotional benefits. On the cognitive side, meditation can increase your concentration, decrease your rumination, and improve your working memory. On the emotional side, you will be more accepting and better able to regulate your emotions." (Burshtein, 2022, p. 42-43)
"Once you can identify your distorted thoughts that decrease your self-esteem, you will be able to challenge them. Try countering these negative thoughts with positive ones or ones that consider reality more." (Burshtein, 2022, p. 75)
"You must allow others to see your imperfections to give them the chance to offer their care and compassion. Only with the risk of vulnerability will you be able to forge greater intimacy with others, open yourself up to the care and love of others, and thus find authentic love for yourself." (Burshtein, 2022, p. 107)

Purchase your copy of A Woman's Self Love below!


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