Free Hippie-Inspired Screen Saver Designs

Do you ever realize you've had the same background image for about 6+ months? I just did and felt inspired to design my own screen saver to change it up! I thought - why stop there when I can share these fun designs with others as well?

Flower Power Screen Saver

This first image above was inspired by the bright and bold hippie summer vibes. I love colorful daisy flowers and patterns. This was probably the most time-consuming design with the variety of layers, but it was so fun to color and make. It's currently my lock screen saver!

Calm Screen Saver

This design was inspired by a sunset. I love the ombre colors that fade into each other as the sun sets. I added "Calm" because that's what this design makes me feel. It reminds me to take a breath and be more present. I hope it does the same for you!

Head In The Clouds Screen Saver

On a bright and sunny day, I find my head in the clouds, day dreaming about all my goals in life and what I've accomplished so far. I thought this would be such a calming and inspiring screen saver to have on my phone that reminds me to never stop day dreaming.

"Do more things that make you forget to check your phone."