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How To Make Life More Exciting And To Stop Living On Autopilot

Over time, we all find our set routine that helps us feel productive and organized with our day. Unfortunately, having a set routine that we follow every day can actually harm our well-being rather than improve it. If we stick to one routine for a long period of time, we start living on autopilot. Every day starts to feel the same, with no unexpected surprises, adventures or spontaneity. We lose our sense of self and purpose in life.

Don't get me wrong, having a routine is very beneficial for productivity. But what if we get so comfortable with our routine that we stop growing or experiencing life to the fullest?

Pros & Cons Of Having A Daily Routine


  • You’ll be more efficient in setting & achieving goals.

  • You'll be less stressed and overwhelmed.

  • You won’t procrastinate as much.

  • Your life will have more structure.

  • You’ll find your “flow” faster (a state of ultra-focused consciousness).


  • Life is unpredictable & can get in the way of planned routines.

  • You’ll risk boredom & monotony.

  • You’ll stop growing (if you don’t add new goals & objectives).

  • Not all routines are good for you.

  • You may find less creativity & inspiration in your life.

How To Stop Living On Autopilot


The first step is to acknowledge what's holding you back or bringing you down in life. Is your morning routine holding you back from starting your day in the right mindset? Are you bored of your meal choices for lunch or dinner? Is your night routine lacking excitement or relaxation? Take some time to reflect one what exactly is bringing you down or that you find boring in your daily routine. This will then help you with the next steps!


Is your morning routine far from inspiring? Find different ways to reinvent how you start your day!

  • Add an extra 20 minutes to your schedule to practice an energizing yoga sequence to start your day right.

  • Wake up earlier to draw or paint to get your creative juices flowing for the day ahead.

  • Switch up your breakfast meal and cook something you've always wanted to try.

  • Enjoy your morning at a local coffee shop before heading off to work.

  • Schedule in a 30 minute workout to get you pumped for the day.

Maybe your night routine feels too mundane? Here are a few examples to help you brainstorm:

  • After work, drive or walk to a serene location (the beach, a lake, the mountains, a park) to reflect on your day before heading home.

  • Plan a weekly date night with your significant other or a friend.

  • Sign up for volunteer activities that meet after working hours.

  • Take a college class just for fun on a topic you're curious to learn more about!

  • If you have children, find fun activities you can do together after work - go the movies during the week, plan a play date with their friends, work on an art project together, play a sport together for exercise.

  • Cut off your screen time for a few hours before going to sleep.

  • Take a warm, relaxing bubble bath.

The possibilities are endless!


Sometimes the best plan is to have no plan. Plan a day with nothing to do and see where it takes you! You may find that relaxing on the couch and binge watching a new TV series is exactly what you needed. Or, maybe a spontaneous invitation from the universe will manifest for you to allow for an exciting day ahead.


As mentioned above, there are many benefits to having a daily routine. It's important to find balance between scheduling important tasks and allowing the universe to plan for you. Without balance, we find ourselves feeling lost, over-worked and disconnected form ourselves. Whether it's having a set morning routine with a relaxing evening, or spreading out your schedule to not feel as jammed packed; find a balance that works for you so you can stop living on autopilot and enjoy life to the fullest.


"Life is not a journey you want to make on autopilot." -Paula Rinehart


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