How To Use The 12 Laws Of The Universe In Your Every Day Life

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The 12 laws of the universe are essentially a reflection of observation on how the universe behaves. They are designed to help humans achieve love and happiness once fully grasped and implemented in our every day lives.

If you're a visual person like me, this chart above is a great guide for achieving the 12 laws of the universe and using them in your every day life. These 12 laws can transform your life into a more positive reality when used accordingly.

Here is an introduction to the laws of the universe and how they can be implemented in your own life:

Law of Divine Oneness

Everything and everyone is connected. This highlights that every thought, action, person, and outcome is connected on a higher level than we realize.

The Law of Divine Oneness is meant to show the similarities in everything and everyone around you. We all come from the same source and are stronger together than separate. There's so much more to our reality than what we see right in front of us. Our senses and internal instincts are all one in the same.

To implement the Law of Divine Oneness, ask yourself, "How can I show more compassion towards others who might seem different from me or cultures I don't fully understand?" Wake up each day with the mindset of having compassion for others, to want to understand how their mind works and why they think or act the way that they do. This will open your mind to a whole new perspective and appreciation for your reality.

Law of Vibration

Good vibes only. This law focuses on the microscopic vibrations that one puts into the world around them.

The Law of Vibration means to focus on what kind of vibes you are putting out into the world. Are they negative or positive? Much like the Law of Correspondence, depending on what vibes you let out, this is the type of energy you will feel and see around you.

There are many ways to lift your vibes, which include, yoga, meditation, reading a good book, sitting in nature, cuddling with your animal, or taking a walk.

Law of Correspondence

What you feel is what you see. The Law of Correspondence is about looking within.

When you are constantly feeling anxiety or stress, chances are that's what you are constantly experiencing. Think, "As within, is without."

To implement the Law of Correspondence in your life, remember to check in daily with yourself and how you're feeling. To re-frame your mindset from something negative, take time to name 4 things you are grateful for, 4 things you see right in front of you, 4 things you like about yourself.

Law of Attraction

You get what you focus on. This focuses on your state of mind.