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Introducing Hippie Magazine Issue #3 - Nostalgia

The word 'Nostalgia' always brings me back to my childhood and some of the best memories I will cherish forever. I instantly think of funny times I have shared with my parents, friends and family. When it comes to travel memories with my parents, some of my fondest memories include traveling to New York for the first time with them and my grandfather, going on a cruise to the Panama Canal, meeting the love of my life on an Alaskan Cruise (my parents really enjoy cruises), or hilarious road trips where we witnessed a driver flip off someone for more than 10 miles while driving on the highway (one hand on the wheel and the other sticking out the window).

Other funny memories I have with my parents include the time I won my soccer championship and my dad drove my friends and I around in his truck blasting We Are The Champions by Queen. Or, when my dad and I would pull silly pranks on each other every April Fool's day. With my mom, some of the best memories include our shopping sprees and her saying “Don’t tell your dad how much we spent today.” Or, jamming out to her Frankie Valli CD in the car. There are so many hilarious and sentimental memories I have with my parents; I am truly blessed.

With the love of my life, I am so grateful for the memories we have made so far. From staying up until sunrise talking non-stop on the phone; to exploring Montreal; to now living together and making new memories; What a special journey it has been for both of us.

Growing up, some of my fondest memories include my best friend. From sneaking out late at night to go TP my innocent neighbors homes, long car rides all over town jamming out to music, writing each other letters, our coffee dates, sitting on the beach, and filming ourselves acting silly and weird. I will always cherish our growth together, and as individuals, navigating through life, love, and school.

With family, I will always cherish the hilarious parties, random get-togethers, and trips. From our 70's themed party and dancing all night, to random BBQ's just to get-together, and early morning bowling games. I am truly grateful.

After being isolated for a year, nostalgia felt like a necessary theme to celebrate. In the darkest of times it’s important to find the light from within.

For me, that light was nostalgia. Reminiscing about special memories that are near and dear to my heart has helped me stay thankful and grounded.

I hope this Issue encourages you to reflect on some of your fondest memories with friends and family. At its very core, nostalgia is about celebrating the life we have lived and experienced up until this very point in time.


Nostalgia (noun); A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.


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