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My Journey To Self-Love

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Hello! Welcome to The Hippie Life of Riley. I am so excited to start this new blog and share my personal experiences and tips for self-care, love, meditation, and everything in between. My mission is to provide useful and insightful information that will inspire my readers to love their journey, and most importantly, themselves.

Self-love, meditation, inner peace, serenity, self-care, spirituality, empathy, finding yourself, accepting your journey, and law of detachment.

My Background

Since age 15, (I'm 23 now) I have been seeing a therapist to work on my anxiety, depression, building confidence, self-love, and accepting my journey in life. Therapy has been such a life changer for me and I know I would not be the person I am today without it. (Thank god for Laura!)

Transitioning into a young adult, and moving away to college hit me very hard and very fast. My first quarter at school I lost 15 pounds in 10 weeks and weighed about 102lbs. I broke out so badly, my entire face was red from acne and scars. I hardly ate during the day because I was so stressed out with school projects, adjusting to living in a big city, living on my own, and managing a long distance relationship.

I remember at the end of the quarter when I came home for break, my parents were so worried about me. They asked if I still wanted to go to FIDM, and I thought that was the craziest question. I had let my passion and goals get in my way of self-care, that I didn't even realize how skinny I was until I physically weighed myself. Ultimately, I went to see a nutritionist to see how to get back on track with my weight and what the best foods were to eat while in college to keep me healthy and sane.

I slowly gained the weight back, my skin cleared up, and I made sure to eat regularly - although it mainly consisted of mac n' cheese and sloppy joe's - #Collegelife. I went through many phases of working out consistently for about a month to not working out for 2-3 months. At the same time, I was going through many up's and down's with self-love, being okay with who I am, and questioning if I deserved to be loved by myself or others. Going to therapy every other week really helped keep me grounded and to be kinder to myself while on my journey to inner peace. I learned so many amazing techniques for self-care, meditation, and self-acceptance that I still use to this day.

I am by no means perfect, but I hope sharing my own experiences and tips can help you and encourage you while on your own journey to inner peace. Surrounding ourselves with positivity with help guide us in the right direction to inner peace and serenity.

Law of Detachment by The Under Belly Group

I consciously commit to flexibility and detachment.

I allow myself and those around me the freedom to be themselves, without imposing rigid ideas of right and wrong.

I live my life in a state of engaged detachment.

I release the need to judge or criticize.

I express myself honestly while releasing any need to impose my beliefs on other people.

Whenever I notice I am becoming emotionally attached to another view, I take a deep breath and come back to a more centered place.

I embrace detachment by choosing to be free from the good and bad opinions of others.


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