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Myths About Happiness That Make Us Miserable

Have you ever worked so hard on something you really set your mind to? You were so set on achieving that crucial milestone that will make you happy for life. Only to come to realize that this feeling lasts for quite some time? "Happiness" is considered an end goal for many - the destination of all destinations where it will make us feel complete... or does it?

I am going to debunk these myths revolving around the ideal of what happiness is supposed to be:

Reaching your goal will FINALLY make you happy

It's not false that reaching an anticipated goal will make you happy - but it can only keep you happy for so long. The fulfillment doesn't stay forever because we are Beings that are meant to experience not only one big goal, but multiple! That is a really exciting thought! At one point, learning how to ride a bike as a kid was a big common goal for many of us to conquer, then it was getting a driver's license. And the list goes on!

Social Media = Reality

My go-to social media app is Instagram, and I love to post pictures of my traveling adventures! Whether it's going out of state or a hiking trail near me. When I run into friends I haven't seen in years, they think that based off my Instagram page alone, that I am a traveler 24/7, but that's all I am posting. I don't post on the days I am feeling under the weather, when I am working, or post the struggles I face behind closed doors. I post the good parts that I experience. Social media is not our reality. Let's not treat it as such.

Material Things = Happy

It's one thing to spoil yourself every now and then, but to rely solely on material things to make us feel happy is a counterproductive way of filling the happiness within that we truly need. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with collecting things like dolls and stuffed animals. No matter how many dolls I would receive, I still felt that I needed more. It came to the point that I had a nightmare where I was shopping for a stuffed animal and more stuffed animals kept appearing into the store! I would buy another and another one would appear! It wasn't until I realized, "I'll never be happy if I keep chasing things."

Positive Vibes 24/7

There is this mindset that despite what you may be going through, good or bad, that "positive vibes" is the only vibe to have. NO! This is an unrealistic mindset because you are simply dismissing your feelings and sacrificing your authenticity. There is nothing wrong with feeling how you feel. If you had a bad day and the last thing you feel is optimistic, forget the "positive vibes only" mindset, and allow yourself to feel frustrated, upset, or mad! We have feelings 24/7 and they aren't happy - and that's ok!

EVERYONE has it figured out

No one really does 100%. If some people seem like they knew what to do since the moment they were able to walk, then they are very convincing. Life is a journey and that involves figuring things out for a lifetime. The journey is anything but linear.

Happiness is within you, but it's not a permanent feeling. That is liberating!


"Happiness is not out there, it's in you." - Anonymous

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