October Tarot Reading: Predictions For The Month Ahead

October is the 10th month of the year. When referring to tarot numerology, the number 10 means beginnings and endings. October is a transitional month when Summer is officially over and Fall is just beginning. For this tarot card reading, I focused on what we should embrace, accept, and let go of during the month of October. Continue reading below to find out the predictions for the month ahead.

Before every tarot card reading I like to burn sage to clear any negative energies and to have the intention of a positive reading. I then shuffle the cards so the deck is fresh, spread them out evenly in front of me, and meditate for a few minutes before pulling the cards. This ritual really helps put me in the right state of mind for each reading and allows me to feel connected to the cards on another level.

Sometimes before even pulling the cards, I can feel a strong gravitation towards one area of the spread, as if the cards are telling me to pull from this specific area. I always pull cards with my non-dominant hand because it allows for me to trust my intuition. I was very excited and intrigued with the cards I pulled for the month of October. It felt very relatable and I knew the universe was watching over me as I pulled these specific cards.

October Tarot Reading: Embrace/Accept/Let Go


Tarot card pulled - The Sun

  • The Sun card represents joy, success, health, and children

  • The Sun has finally come out after a very difficult time and it's important to embrace and hold onto the positive energy that October will bring.

  • The blue sky in this card means that any confusion will be cleared up, your health will be restored, and it dispels any danger or resentment you've been holding onto.

  • October will bring much personal success, recognition, and love.

  • The Sun card shows us acting on confidence, conviction, and awareness. We must embrace these traits this month to feel most productive with our time.

  • October also brings gratitude, which we need to embrace if we want to easily receive or extend our compassion to others.


Tarot card pulled - Three of Pentacles, Reversed

  • Three of Pentacles usually represents meaningful work, collaboration, and renown.

  • Reversed, this