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Pick A Card: Your New Moon In Gemini

In this reading, I have drawn a card each from the Rider Waite Tarot and Green Witch Oracle to explore what lies ahead of you with the upcoming New Moon in Gemini on May 30th.

New Moons always present a monthly opportunity to reset, reflect and start fresh.

"Most new moons are considered opportune times to check ourselves and consider how we've been faring in a particular area of life, and this particular one, thanks to being ruled by Mercury, is highly cerebral." (yahoo!life)

Now, this reading won’t have messages for everyone, and that’s okay. You should know pretty quickly if it’s for you. If it is, you’ll feel an intuitive nudge towards a specific pile, and that pile’s messages will just click with you on a soul level.

So, if, as you’re reading it, you find that it resonates — fantastic! But if it doesn’t resonate, don’t stress it. At the end of the day, this is a general reading. Book a personal tarot reading with me for more support and guidance.

Now that we’ve gotten through that little intro:

Exhale all the air from your lungs. Pause. Inhale deeply.

Center yourself. Create a moment to relax your shoulders, settle in, and ease your mind before reading any further.

Once you feel calm and grounded, feel free to scroll back up to the picture of the cards and meditate on them for as long as you need. Pile one is on the far left, pile two is in the center, and pile three is on the right.

After you’ve selected your pile, scroll down to find your message!


Pile One

Pile One, this New Moon in Gemini is all about releasing old wounds and focusing on grounding yourself.

Recently, you have been struggling with letting go of situations you may feel ashamed, embarrassed about, or hurt from. You seem to be stuck in a repeating negative thought process about hurtful events that have happened in your life.

This New Moon cycle invites you to make it priority to heal and release your emotional turmoil you've been holding on to.

Explore the deeper, innermost areas of yourself and situations, as potato indicates energies that are calling you to look again at what you may have once missed and will help to bring stability. If you are looking for an answer, try pulling back a little to let things settle on their own first.

Grounding Spell for the New Moon in Gemini:

Place four potatoes on the ground (preferably outside) in a circle around you, with one at each compass point. Dance, skip or hop in any way you like around the potatoes while firmly planting your feet next to each potato. Take the potatoes inside, cook according to your favorite recipe and then eat.

For additional support, place a blue calcite crystal in your work space to promote emotional release, better communication and maintaining a calming environment.

Pile Two

Celebrate your strong intuition this New Moon, pile two.

The High Priestess is all about following your intuition, and you've been doing just that. To continue strengthening your intuitive senses, spend some time meditating under the New Moon on May 30th.

You have had to make some hard decisions recently, but you know you're on the right path. During this New Moon cycle, make it priority to celebrate yourself. Write yourself a gratitude letter, treat yourself to a nice warm bubble bath, and buy yourself some pink roses at the market.

Trust that you are on the right track and the universe has your back.

There is a reason to be thankful and help is on the way to balance energies. Pink roses will show you that ways to happiness are opening for you and there will be a reason to be joyful. Something of value is in focus at present; this could be an exchange for a gift, a windfall or the sale of a large item or simply discussion around it. Be careful you do not interfere where you are not welcome and be wary of legal deception.

Gratitude Spell for the New Moon in Gemini:

Find a beautiful tree somewhere lovely and tie nine fresh pink roses with pink ribbon to the branches around the tree. Say: 'I give you these roses to share with the earth, with thanks and with love.'

For additional support, place a carnelian crystal in your workspace to help you tap into both your analytical and intuitive abilities while boosting your creativity.

Pile Three

New creative projects or ideas are brewing, pile three.

As each Page asks you to explore a new facet of yourself, the Page of Cups is asking you to explore your creative, emotional self. You may start a new art class, read books about how to express your feelings, or learn more about developing your psychic abilities. Dreamy aspirations race through your mind, and you may find yourself moved by simple things.

Your creative energy is flowing, and now the question is how you will express it. Spend time exploring the idea to see if you want to move forward. Use the New Moon in Gemini to journal and manifest what your heart desires.

You will need to take full responsibility and step up to the challenge in order to gain a positive outcome or success. Chilli asks you to work on your passions in life and make sure they truly are yours, that you are not simply what you think others want to hear.

Stimulation Spell for the New Moon in Gemini:

Write down all the facets that make up your life passion on small pieces of paper; this will include goals, plans, steps, people, ideas or anything else you can think of. Using natural black string through a wide-eyed needle, sew a string of chillies with one of these notes between each chilli and hang somewhere that catches the sun.

For additional support, place a green aventurine crystal in your workspace to promote prosperity and good luck with your new creative projects and ideas.


"And suddenly, you just know, it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings." ~ Meister Eskhart



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