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Simple Morning Yoga Routine For A Better Day

I always find that when I wake up 20 minutes earlier to practice morning yoga, my day seems to go 100% smoother. Numerous studies have shown that morning yoga can decrease the secretion of cortisol, which is the primary hormone that causes stress. The good news about practicing yoga at home is that you don't need to be a pro and you can go at your own pace. Continue reading below to discover my simple morning yoga routine for a better day.

I'll be the first one to admit, I'm not consistent with my morning yoga, but practice makes perfect right? Sometimes it's okay to allow yourself to sleep in a the extra 20 minutes if it means you'll feel more alert during the day. No one is perfect and everyone goes at their own pace when it comes to self-care. My blog is a place to bring me back to what's important for me and how I can better myself each day. Let's take a look at the list below that describes the awesome benefits of a morning yoga routine.

Benefits of Morning Yoga:

  1. Improve flexibility and mobility

  2. Build strength

  3. Correct posture

  4. Weight loss

  5. Cultivate self-care

  6. Increase your energy

  7. Reduce stress

  8. Better sleep

  9. Breathe deeper

  10. Support your immune system

  11. Become more mindful

  12. Improve concentration

  13. Think clearer

I can happily say that I experience almost every single one of these benefits when I take the extra time in the morning to practice yoga. My flexibility is improving each time, I can feel myself getting stronger, my energy level increases, I feel more relaxed, and I become more mindful of my thoughts and feelings throughout the day. It makes me feel as though I can accomplish anything. *Cue slow motion walk and energizing music*

Things You Need For A Relaxing Morning Yoga Routine At Home:

  1. A quiet space

  2. Yoga mat if you have hardwood floors (I have carpet so I don't use one)

  3. Water

  4. Comfortable clothing

  5. Calming music (optional)

The great part about a morning yoga routine at home is you don't need very much equipment. All that's required is a quiet space where you can concentrate, a yoga mat, some water and comfortable clothing. Sometimes having calming music can make the experience even more enjoyable, however, it's not required.

Here Is My Simple Morning Yoga Routine:

You'll notice the sequence is repeated twice for positioning into Warrior 1. This is meant to demonstrate switching legs (right first, left second). The sequence is meant to start and finish in the same Mountain Pose. I hold each pose for about 30 seconds and take 3 deep breaths.

I hope you find this simple yoga routine helpful and relaxing. It's very similar to the sun salutation sequence, however, I added a few poses to switch it up. Let me know if you try this sequence and what your thoughts are! I would be curious to know if you found these illustrations helpful and easy to follow. That's all for now, folks. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing day ahead!

"Breathe and release anything that does not serve you." - Anonymous



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