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The Benefits Of Using Tarot Cards

"Tarot is a spiritual tool that guides us to profound insight. The cards prompt our creativity, and our connection to ourselves, others, the earth, and the divine. " - Meg Hayertz, Tarot For Beginners.

Reading tarot can do much more than foresee someone's future. It allows us to gain perspective on a certain situation, make decisions, and develop self-knowledge, intuition, and creativity. The symbols in the tarot deck come from a variety of mythological and religious lineages. The ideas and archetypes they contain can still resonate in our psyches and offer us relevant insight and guidance, regardless of which traditions we may or may not identify with. (Tarot For Beginners, Meg Hayertz)

Here are the major benefits of tarot reading:

Gain clarity on a situation or life in general

As mentioned above, tarot card reading is an effective way to gain clarity on a topic that may be on your mind lately. It can help you connect with your intuition and motivate you to be more mindful. You may gain a new perspective on life and leave your reading with a new found sense of knowledge and perception.

Identify areas in your life to improve

Our minds and body's are ever-changing and evolving. There is always something that can be worked on or improved. However, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what part of your life to focus on for improvement. Luckily, tarot card readings can provide insight and identify which areas in our lives need the most attention in the present moment.

Find inner peace

If you've been struggling with a negative force of energy and you're ready to find some inner peace with a situation, tarot card reading can help you overcome your internal battles. There are many different tarot card spreads to choose from that can offer a sense of calm and clarity to any situation presented before you. You can view the variety of tarot spread I offer: Tarot Card Readings.

Bringing light on a difficult decision

Tarot cards can help guide you on the right path. If there is a difficult decision that needs to be made but you aren't sure what to do, the Celtic Cross spread is an in depth reading that can help you determine what to focus on and what the likely outcome will be for any situation, big or small. Whether it's career related, relationship guidance, or looking at the impact a choice may have on you in the next 6 months; the Celtic Cross spread can help shed some light on a decision that needs to be made.

There are many different tarot card spreads for every type of situation. I offer a variety of readings that include, One card pull, Let Go/Grow, Past/Present/Future spread, Life Path, Essential Keys reading, Celtic Cross, and Relationship readings. Please feel free to contact me about my services if you have any questions about a specific reading. Let's grow together.

"Tarot cards are like roots weaving into the many aspects of our lives; While we focus on the surface, Tarot reveals what's underneath." - Holly Joy


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