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I am a true believer in supporting small businesses. Etsy is the best platform to find anything you need. Whether you're looking for ceramic coffee mugs, handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, toys for children, pet accessories, or artwork - Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and handmade goods.


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I earn a small commission from any purchase you make when clicking on the links at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend products I use and/or love myself. Your support is greatly appreciated and will allow me to keep sharing and helping awesome entrepreneurs.


Holiday season is finally here and I absolutely love browsing Etsy for the perfect holiday gifts for friends, family, and coworkers. Etsy provides that extra special handmade touch that other big retailers can't always provide. I have discovered so many awesome small businesses through Etsy that are based all over the world. I know I wouldn't have ever come across their store or product if I didn't have the Etsy app or browse on their website every day! (Yes, I am an Etsy addict)

Below, I've categorized a list of 60 amazing Etsy stores you can shop this holiday season. These are some of my all-time favorite Etsy shops that I have either purchased from myself, or have items from there that I'm planning to buy.

Categories below include:

  1. Everything Home

  2. Vintage & Handmade Clothing

  3. Handmade Jewelry

  4. Children Toys & Clothes

  5. Pet Accessories

  6. Spirituality & Self-Care

Happy shopping!!

Everything Home

Vintage & Handmade Clothing

Handmade Jewelry

Children Toys & Clothes

Pet Accessories

Spirituality & Self-Care

"For it is in giving that we receive." - St. Francis of Assisi


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