Hippie Magazine Issue 1 - Sustainability

Hippie Magazine Issue 1 - Sustainability

A magazine dedicated to the hippie way of life. The inspiration for Hippie Magazine was sort of an epiphany. I realized there is no magazine out there that solely focuses on the Hippie Movement and this way of life. I knew this was my opportunity to continue following my dream to spread positivity and happiness into the universe.


Hippie Magazine is here to encourage our readers to embrace life for all it has to offer, while providing useful and insightful information that can easily be implemented into our every-day routine to make the world a better place.


The theme of Hippie Magazine Issue NO. 1 is Sustainability. Now, more than ever, living a sustainable life is the most important thing we can do to not only help the world, but to help ourselves. Whether it’s being more eco-friendly or more sustainable with self-care; this topic needs to become a way of life and not just a trend on social media.


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