Hippie Magazine Issue #4 - Enlightenment

Hippie Magazine Issue #4 - Enlightenment

Reflecting on where I was exactly a year ago, I realize now that I was experiencing my own version of enlightenment. It was liberating, scary, lonely, confusing, happy, sad, challenging, mind blowing, and necessary. Without realizing it, last year’s personal theme for me was stripping away everything I had been taught growing up by society, unlearning certain beliefs and morals, and reconnecting the dots in ways I never imagined.


This is the grey area of enlightenment not many know about; The part that society doesn’t want you to discover. For centuries, enlightenment has been portrayed as a happy and outer body-like experience only few can master if they are dedicated enough. However, I think enlightenment can happen for any of us, at any time during our lives, and multiple times throughout our lives. If anything, 2020 was my first time experiencing enlightenment, but I know it won’t be my last.


Enlightenment has led me to where I am today and the person I am today. Exactly a year ago, the thought of even making Hippie Magazine was not in the cards. The idea was still floating through the universe waiting for the very perfect moment to appear. Along the way, I have connected, and reconnected, with many wonderful souls who have played an important part in my enlightenment journey. They have taught me so much about myself and the world.


We are all on our own unique journey to enlightenment. Do not fear if you feel like you have not experienced enlightenment quite yet. Your time will come, and you may not know it right away, but trust that you are on the right path.


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