Do you have a pet you feel really connected to or would like to connect with on a deeper level? This 6 card tarot spread allows you to understand how your pet feels about you and what they need most from you. In this spread you will discover:

  1. Your connection to your pet
  2. Why you were brought together
  3. What your pet loves
  4. What your pet fears
  5. How to help your pet
  6. A message from your pet

Pet Tarot Spread

  1. Please answer the question above to let me know what you want to focus on in your reading. Be as specific as possible so I can help discover and interpret your question or issue through the cards.
  2. After you complete your purchase, I will be notified and start reviewing your question/issue you wish to have answered. 
  3. Card readings are usually responded to within 24-48 hours depending on how many requests I receive at a time. You will be emailed directly with your reading discovery and interpretation to the email you completed your purchase with. 

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