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How To Cleanse The Energy In Your Home

Every now and then it's important to check in with yourself and the energy your home puts off. Getting in the habit of removing the negative, chaotic, or stressful energy that surrounds you could make your space feel lighter, brighter, and more creative.

There are various techniques to cleansing the energy in your home. However, before we jump into these calming techniques, lets talk about the importance of cleansing the energy around you.

Usually, when we are feeling stressed, chaotic, anxious, or worried, our space reflects this. Take a look at the space around you. Is your bed made? Is your dirty hamper overflowing? Is your desk or night stand organized? Is your sink filled with dirty dishes? These are just a few common places you can easily spot that may need improvement.

Studies have shown that having a clean space can improve productivity, creativity, and lift your overall mood. Do you ever get that satisfied feeling after taking 10 minutes to clean your home? There's a reason why. It's important to associate good feelings and end results with an action. This can train our brains to improve self-care because we feel rewarded.

Times When It's Essential To Cleanse The Energy In Your Space:

  • Moving into a new home

  • Fighting with a significant other

  • Breaking Up

  • Having a bad day

  • Feeling depressed

  • When you're sick

  • Or during a major life change

I recently moved into a new apartment and you better believe one of the first things I did after getting settled in was burning sage and opening all the windows! It was such an exciting feeling to cleanse this new space and fill it with positive energy, light, and love.

When having an argument or break up with your significant other, it's important to take time to process what occurred and cleanse the heavy energy that lingers around you. If you're having a bad day or feeling depressed, sometimes all you need is a little energy cleanse to feel rejuvenated.

Did you know that burning sage can kill about 96% of air born bacteria for up to 24 hours? When you're feeling sick, taking some time to burn sage can help improve your air quality and energy around you. Please always consult a doctor before burning sage or dried herbs if you have any significant health issues.

How To Cleanse The Energy In Your Home:

  • Burning Dried Herbs

  • Strategically placing your crystals

  • Make noise

  • Cleanse with salt

  • Fill your space with plants

  • Clear clutter

One of my favorite ways to cleanse the energy in a space is by burning dried herbs. This is one of the most literal ways to see and feel an energy shift. It's always important to make sure you have your windows open when burning dried herbs to help release all negative energy. I personally walk around each room and say good intentions for the space, such as, "Peace, love, happiness, health, prosperity." I'll repeat these words as the dried herbs burn and smoke lingers behind me throughout the house. This helps welcome new energy that I'm creating by speaking these words.

Cleansing your space with crystals is another great technique if you don't like the smell of dried herbs burning. Crystals have been used for centuries for healing purposes. Here are some tips for placing crystals throughout your home:

  • Kitchen: Rose Quartz - Love crystal

  • Bedroom: Selenite - Sleeping crystal

  • Livingroom: Amethyst - Calming crystal

  • Front door: Black Tourmaline - Protection crystal

Making noise can help break up the energy in a room. Playing calming music and/or singing can help break up the stillness. Start at the entrance of your home and walk through the entire house playing music, clapping, or singing to remove any negative energy that's lingering.

Salt has been used to sterilize everything, from wounds to cutting boards. The best way to use salt to cleanse the energy in your home is to dissolve sea salt in a spray bottle with water and mist the air throughout your home. This leaves less of a mess and sterilizes your space for new energy.

Adding life to your home is known for lifting our moods. Take a trip to your local Lowes, Green Thumb, Home Depot, or a local shop and buy some beautiful plants to place throughout your home.

Cleaning your space also helps lift your mood and invites light into your home. Having a clean space reduces stress, anxiety and improves productivity. It leaves you feeling accomplished and refreshed for a new start.

"How we allow ourselves to be fed is a metaphor—if ever there was one—for the vibrational quality of what we're willing to 'take in' that goes well beyond the act of filling our bellies. It's an energetic statement of intent." - Lizzie Shanks


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