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What Your Soul Needs: Tarot Pick A Card

And we're back with another fun tarot reading spread! Close your eyes and center yourself. Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Let your intuition help you pick a pile below to receive a fun message from the universe about what your soul needs right now.

From left to right: Pile 1, Pile 2, & Pile 3

How often do you stop and ask yourself what you need?

That's something I personally learned through therapy. Pausing throughout the day to check-in with ourselves is so important.

Whenever you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, irritated, or angry, how do you normally handle it? Do you ask yourself what you need in that moment or do you try to push the feelings away and dismiss them altogether?

It can be hard to pause when we are feeling worked up, but practicing mindfulness can help improve your self-awareness and emotional regulation.

This tarot spread is meant to help you pause and discover what your soul may need right now.

However, if it doesn't resonate, that's also completely okay! Sometimes collective messages won't resonate with you on a personal level, and that just means you're even more connected to your intuition than you may realize! It can feel harder to reject cosmic messages because subconsciously we're always looking for signs that we're on the right path. So, when you come across a collective reading that doesn't resonate with you personally, know that there is nothing wrong with you, and your intuition is guiding you in the right direction to listen to the correct cosmic messages that are actually meant for you! Trust yourself with whatever feelings come up when reading your message below.

If you'd like a personal tarot reading, you can check out my tarot services here!

Keep scrolling to read your fun message!


Pile One: The World

It's time to recognize how far you have come, Pile One. The World symbolizes completion, celebration, and wholeness.

Your soul needs to be celebrated! If there's something in your life that you've recently completed - such as a project, a job, letting go of toxic people, learning a new skill, finally feeling like you learned a valuable life lesson from a series of events in your life, completing school or a certification, a milestone, or a birthday - now is the time to party!

You have overcome so much and have completed yet another chapter on your 'Fool's Journey' in life. You have finally accomplished your goal or purpose. Everything has come together, and you are in the right place, doing the right thing, achieving what you have envisioned. You feel whole and complete.

All the triumphs and tribulations along your path have made you into the strong, wise, more experienced person you are now. Express gratitude for what you have created and cultivated. Finally, make sure you don’t rush into the next big project or chapter in your life; celebrating your journey will set you up for success when you are ready for your next challenge.

If you have not quite reached this point of completion, then you are very close! You may still need an added level of understanding to graduate to a higher level and enjoy real success.

If loose ends still remain, The World card asks you to bring them to completion. In doing so, you will clear the space for new beginnings and opportunities to emerge.

More literally, The World can mean world travel, particularly on a large scale. Perhaps what your soul needs is an escape from reality! Book that trip you've been contemplating for some time now. Life's too short to deprive your soul from experiencing it to the fullest!

Pile Two: Queen of Wands, Reversed

Let's focus on self-care and rebuilding our confidence, Pile Two. The Queen of Wands, reversed, symbolizes inner-work and lacking self-confidence.

If you have lacked in confidence recently, the Queen of Wands, reversed, invites you to bring your energy and attention inward and focus on rebuilding your sense of self and your resilience. You may have handed your power over to others by paying too much attention to their thoughts and opinions.

Now, you need to bring your awareness inward, so you can hear yourself and access your personal strengths and talents. Discover who you are and be courageous in expressing ‘you’ in everything you do, even if it is different from what others expect of you.

The Queen of Wands, reversed, can also suggest that you may be more introverted than usual. You may also feel called to spend more time alone so you can connect with your inner self and hear your inner voice.

Get to know yourself on a deeper level and get clear on your personal truth and belief systems. Perhaps your soul needs a little rediscovery of itself? Check out my recent blog post: 20 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery.

Pile Three: King of Swords

Your soul needs the truth, Pile Three. The King of Swords symbolizes mental clarity, truth, and authority.

Is there something weighing heavy on your mind, Pile Three? Maybe your soul is yearning for answers that you can't seem to find quite yet.

Or, maybe, you're soul is seeking mental stability. Is your ego getting in the way of making the best decisions for yourself? Are you overthinking things recently?

Whatever is weighing heavily on your mind, the universe wants you to know that you really do have all the answers you seek within you. But, it just requires you to sit down, ground yourself, and meditate on one situation at a time. Keep order within your mind, otherwise your thoughts will float around chaotically and you won't be able to find what you're looking for.

Meditation is what your soul needs. Dedicate at least five minutes each day to deep breathing exercises. Ask the universe for signs, downloads, synchronicities, or spirit animal messages to help you better understand the situation that's weighing on your mind. Butterflies may be significant to you. Capricorn and/or Aquarius placements may also mean something to you.

Or, write it out! Journal about what's been on your mind to help release the mental weight you've been carrying around for far too long.

The answers will eventually come to you, Pile Three. Be sure that once you ask the universe to send you the truth, you let go of this yearning for it. Because obsessing over it will only hurt your mind and thinking patterns more than help. As maddening as it may feel to not know certain things, it's even more maddening to overthink the situation on a daily basis. The universe will show you the answers through divine timing. Trust that you can and will obtain mental clarity soon enough.


"Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool for spiritual development, personal insight, transformation and change." ~ Anonymous


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