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What's Holding You Back?

Gentle pick a card guidance.

Welcome to yet another pick a card reading!

For this reading, I asked my tarot deck about what is currently holding you back. I drew 1 card per pile, and channeled about your blockages and any limiting factors, with additional guidance on how to move forward.

Keep in mind that this is a general reading. At the end of the day, it won’t be for everyone, so trust your gut as you’re reading through your pile(s). You should know pretty quickly if it’s for you.

For a personal reading, check out the different tarot services I provide.

If it is, you’ll feel the resonance within your mind and body, and that pile’s messages will just click with you on a soul level. If it doesn’t click for you, don’t stress it — not every reading has messages for every person.

Now with all that being said, let’s pick a card!

Start by centering yourself.

Exhale all the air from your lungs.

Pause. Inhale deeply.

Create a moment to relax your shoulders, settle in, and ease your mind before reading any further.

Once you feel calm and grounded, feel free to scroll back up to the picture of the cards and meditate on them for as long as you need.

Pile one is on the left, pile two is in the center, and pile three is on the right.

After you’ve selected your pile, scroll down to find your message!


Pile One

Focus on establishing healthy boundaries, pile one.

The reversed Queen of Swords feels wounded. They nurse their resentment, hold grudges and always keep score. They can be pessimistic and hurt others in ways they have been hurt. They are often close-minded, even cruel.

If this describes you, focus on healing your wounds. Your energy is being used for negative reasons and it's only hurting you more. If you're struggling to set boundaries with certain people in your life, this is your sign that it's truly time to put your foot down. Be consistent with those boundaries while you heal your wounds.

If you feel that you need external support through this hard time, it's highly recommended to seek professional counseling to help you move forward.

Pile Two

You need to find some true inspiration to respark that fire inside you, pile two.

Reversed, the Page of Wands indicates your qualities of creativity, energy and sense of adventure are blocked. Your life is feeling mundane right now, as you wake up each day with the same routine.

Well, this is your sign to change things up! Request a mental health day off from work, take a weekend vacation by yourself or with a friend/significant other, sign up for a pottery class, start looking for a new job - just find that special activity to help respark your passion for life, new projects, your business/work, your relationship - you get the point.

Other methods to help yourself through this mundane time include practicing chakra yoga sequences and using/meditating with specific crystals to help unblock your chakras.

Pile Three

It's time to confront whatever emotions or thoughts you've been trying to ignore, pile three.

Reversed, the Five of Wands can indicate that you are ignoring or suppressing a conflict rather than dealing with it. No one likes conflict; however, conflict can be a healthy thing for us when dealt with in a calm state of mind. If there have been recent events you were a part of or witnessed that are bothering you to this day, it's important to find healthy ways to process and release those negative emotions.

Talk to the individual that hurt you to tell them how you've been feeling. Journal about the experience to have a better understanding of your emotions. Talk to a therapist. But most importantly, forgive yourself for any role you may have played in the event(s) that are haunting you.


"I release all blockages that are preventing me from receiving the abundance that is rightfully mine!"


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