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Your Life For The Next Six Months: Tarot Pick A Card

Bringing back this fun tarot spread post! Center yourself with three slow, deep breaths and focus on each card and stone. Let your intuition pull you towards a certain pile. Now, keep scrolling to learn about the overall theme for your life for the next six months!

From left to right: Pile 1, Pile 2, Pile 3.

The future.

Something we probably all secretly wish we could know and have concrete details written down somewhere.

That's what makes life so precious.

The unknown is scary.

But, it's also thrilling, empowering, exciting and hopeful - if you can channel the right mindset for it.

The reason I love using tarot cards so much is because of the spontaneity and hopeful messages they bring.

My hope is that you find inspiration in your message below regarding the overall theme of your life for the next six months.

However, if it doesn't resonate, that's also completely okay! Sometimes collective messages won't resonate with you on a personal level, and that just means you're even more connected to your intuition than you may realize! It can feel harder to reject cosmic messages because subconsciously we're always looking for signs that we're on the right path. So, when you come across a reading that doesn't resonate with you personally, know that there is nothing wrong with you, and your intuition is guiding you in the right direction to listen to the correct cosmic messages that are actually meant for you! Trust yourself with whatever feelings come up when reading your message below.

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Keep scrolling to read your fun message!

Pile One: The Star, Reversed

It's time to make self-care your main priority for the next six months. Your energy may feel low and your faith may feel tested, but through the strong and consistent practice of self-care over the next six months, your light will shine brighter than ever, just like The Star.

Reconnect with what truly inspires you and makes you feel like your most authentic self. The Star tarot card is associated with the zodiac sign, Aquarius. Aquarius is known as the inspiring rebel. They absolutely love to encourage others to embrace who they are with all their quirks and to go against the status quo; to make your own path in life and leave your own authentic mark on the world. Take some time to journal about things, people, or places that make you feel like your most authentic, silly self. Once you can identify that, set the intention to incorporate those things within your daily routine!

Lastly, find balance between giving and receiving with the universe. The Star tarot card shows a figure pouring water on the land but also back into the pond. To me, this symbolizes balance between us and the universe. Consistent spiritual practice is so important for spiritual growth. If you just expect things to manifest or change without any action or true intention behind it, the universe isn't going to show you anything new or different. Instead, it's going to keep giving you the same situation or problem until you learn how to address it differently. But, that requires you to take some time for introspection and listening within. Essentially, the amount of energy you put into connecting with the universe is the amount of energy it will give back to you. Use the next six months to embrace this deep, self-care journey to find balance within yourself, and therefore, with the universe as well.

Pile Two: Wheel of Fortune, Reversed

The next six months will be focused on breaking a toxic cycle. You may have recently become aware of toxic patterns within yourself or in certain relationships that are effecting you negatively and you're ready to put an end to this.

The Wheel of Fortune, reversed, is the universe's way to tell you to slow down. Let things come to a standstill for a little. Pause. Give yourself room to understand how these toxic cycles even started and what it's really going to take to break them. It's empowering, really, to think that we each have the strength to change for the better at any given moment. It's just a matter of first, understanding the patterns that are impacting you, and second, making a true intention to change those patterns for the betterment of your overall well-being.

With this being your main focus over the next six months, you can definitely expect positive karma to head your way! The universe will always reward us for breaking toxic cycles or patterns and leveling up our lives!

Pile Three: 6 of Swords, Reversed

This will be a deeply personal and spiritual journey for you. It's time to let go. You know it is, too, but there may be a part of you that's resisting this change. Letting go can be so painful, but usually very necessary in order for us to continue moving forward on our personal journey. Embrace your rite of passage and personal transition.

The Six of Swords, reversed, invites you to use the next six months to focus on where you truly want to be in life and what that may require you to leave behind in order to get there. In the image, you see a group of people in a boat headed towards calmer seas as they push through the choppy water. Letting go, of really anything, can feel scary and uneasy at first, but once you realize that you are more than capable of surviving without it, you'll start to feel a lot calmer in life again.

Use the next six months to identify what you must release to embrace a new way of thinking and start implementing those healthy habits into your daily routine! You can do this.


“A lot of people think that the tarot is about being psychic and getting so-called psychic powers. Actually, the original meaning of psyche is soul. So the real power of the tarot is that it can help you to live your psyche, your soul, with more creativity, more awareness, more imagination, more clarity, more understanding and more joy.” ― Philippe St. Genoux


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