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Libra Season: A Time For Finding Balance In Your Life

by Brenda Garfias-Guzman

Art by Donna Gilbertson (

Libra season is officially upon on us! Starting September 23rd through October 22nd, the 7th sign in the astrological chart has their time to shine during the beginning of Autumn. Before I begin discussing Libra season, let me talk about the sign itself.

Throughout my teen years, I've had close bonds with Libras. An air sign, I admire their creative spirits and charming personalities that allow them to make friends easily, and be the life of the party or any social event! This sign doesn't want anyone to feel left out while in their presence, and can't have a good time unless everyone is having a good time in their company.

Libras tend to not express their negative emotions out in the open, unless you're a confided friend. If you're undoubtedly close to a Libra, you can count on calling them in the middle of the night and they will be more than happy to be there for you if you've had a bad day or can't sleep and vice versa. They are also not fond of disappointing others, so it does help to remind a fellow Libra of their wonderful and friendly qualities they possess.

I am inspired by Libras for their ability to create balance amongst themselves. They can be going through a lot on the inside, whether it being strong emotions such as sadness or anger, but they have the ability to manage their emotions properly and not project them onto others.

This Libra season, I encourage everyone to see this season as an opportunity to initiate balance by looking within oneself and reflecting on all the crucial areas in your life that needs nurturing.

Here are some examples:

Drinking more water: Something as simple as adding more water to your day can help the mind think more clearly. Just as plants need their water to survive, we do as well. We don't always drink enough water as we think we really do!

Spending time with yourself in solitude: Hanging out with friends is fun, but so is spending time by yourself whether it being going for a nature walk, dancing, journaling, or getting a cup of coffee (or matcha!) on your own. Solitude is a wonderful practice that helps you get to know yourself even more.

Listen twice before speaking: I suggest practicing a mutual understanding towards other people's perspectives in life especially those who are in a committed relationship or have a friendship that needs more nurturing. It's not about being right when having a disagreement, but the mutual ability to understand one another even though each perspective doesn't align.

Art by Catrin Welz-Stein (

Rest: In a time of the "rise and grind" mindset, resting has been seen as something lazy and unproductive, but that is far from the truth! Allowing yourself to rest brings physical, mental, and emotional transformation. Resting helps revive a creative mind, improves concentration and memory as well as helping you feel more energized to conquer the day!

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This is the season for reflection and taking initiative towards being a better version of yourself, for yourself, as well as taking the time to revive through the power of self care. But don't forget to also have a good time once recharged and catch up with friends! Balance is attainable! As Audrey Hepburn once said, "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible!"

What are some ways that help you to establish balance in your life? Comment below!


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